The Importance of Getting a Second Opinion

A recent article from CancerConnect.com, a patient-focused cancer website, suggests that if you have been diagnosed with cancer, seeking a second opinion will allow you to learn more about your cancer type and make truly informed decisions about treatment.

The article recommends that all cancer patients should consider seeing at least one additional expert after an initial diagnosis. Getting a second opinion is an important part of becoming educated about a cancer diagnosis and treatment options and will also give you the opportunity to find a physician you are comfortable with, someone you respect and who you believe is paying attention to your needs.

In the article, the following questions are addressed:

What Is a Second Opinion?

Why Do I Need a Second Opinion?

Is Getting a Second Opinion Considered “Bad Etiquette”?

Who Pays for A Second Opinion?

Where Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Who Should Get a Second Opinion?

In addition to the questions above, the article also covers tips for preparing for your second opinion appointment, including writing questions down ahead of time and bringing someone with you to help listen and understand the information discussed.

It is an extremely informative article and one that CAMC Radiation Oncology strongly advocates patients read.

If you, or a loved one, have recently been diagnosed with cancer and you would like information on treatment options, or a second opinion, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today.