Clinical Trials & Research

The links below provide additional research and clinical trials information about TrueBeam™ and stereotactic radiosurgery.

Case Studies

Early Clinical Outcomes for 3 Radiation Techniques for Brain Metastases: Focal Verses Whole-Brain

  • John A. Vargo MSIV, Brian Plants MD, Dimitris N. Mihailidis PhD, Jack Mallah PhD, Matthew Plants MS, CMD, Christine A Welch MS, Grant M. Clark MD, Lloyd J. Farinash MD, Prem Raja MD, Michael B. Harmon MD, Lewis A. Whaley DO.

Output Calculation of Electron Therapy at Extended SSD Using an Improved LBR Method

  • Hassaan A. Alkhatib, Wondesen Gebreamlak, David Tedeschi, Dimitris Mihailidis, Ben Wright, William Neglia, Philip Sobash, Jonas Fontenot

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Spinal and Bone Metastases

  • I.S. Bhattacharya, P.J. Hoskin

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Liver Metastases

  • K.L. Aitken, M.A. Hawkins

Research Articles

Superiority of Equivalent Uniform Dose (EUD)-Based Optimization for Breast and Chest Wall

  • Dimitris N. Mihailidis, PfD., Brain Plants, M.D., Lloyd Farinash, M.D., Michael Harmon, M.D., Lewis Whaley, D.O., Prem Raja, M.D., and Pelagia Tomara, M.S.

Malfunctions of Implantable Cardiac Devices in Patients Receiving Proton Beam Therapy: Incidence and Predictions

  • Dimitris N. Mihailidis, PhD

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Centrally Located Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer or Lung Metastases from the RSSearch Patient Registry

  • Joanne N. Davis, Clinton Medbery, Sanjeev Sharma, John Pablo, Frank Kimsey, David Perry, Alexander Muacevic, and Anand Mahadevan

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